Like most things at Arctic Lodge & Co we don't just re-invent the wheel. Quality and exceptional service are not improved by simply serving more champagne, but rather taking a holistic approach to 'excellence'.  

Arctic Lodge & Co wouldn’t be what it is without the extremely personal level of care.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer our members & guests an unmatched level of localized service whether in the lodge or on the mountain.  Our exceptional chef looks after you a delicious combination of local, fresh and healthy food, served with exceptional champagnes and wines, and a team to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

We also have a private driver service to get you around when out and about and not on your skis or snowboard. 


Coming to stay at any Arctic Lodge should be truly special and unique, and we hope you can relax and unwind, whilst we do the running around. We will ensure you maximize your time away with us, starting from leaving your own home - For our members & guests we will arrange an airport car to collect you from your home address and then we’ll also meet you at one of the local airports in France or Switzerland.  

On arrival your ski passes will be in your rooms and we’ll then make sure we arrange for the latest ski and board equipment to be available with the least amount of hassle.  You'll also receive a totally unique VIP Arctic Friend bonus whilst in resort, but you'll have to wait and see what this is...some things have to be kept special to our in-lodge guests!  



Even though France is world re-known for it's fine cuisine, this can often be heavy and tiring for the mountains. We've done away with many of the 'go-to foods' of the chalet set-up, and concentred on a 'clean' fresh menu. Even though our amazing chef can cook anything you like, we've tried to avoid too much carb loading, sugar and richness. That said, some of our favourites might still be a bit of an indulgence!  As well as our great chefs, we have our amazing nutritionalist consultant (Jo Saunders BSC (HOMS) DIP CNM BANT), who advisors us on all things health and wellbeing with food and body.


A short note about our drive to be more careful in what we do and how we do it. Quality and service do not need to be sacrificed for us to do our little bit. For that reason, where possible, we do our best to be both responsible and caring to the environment, in a hope that our beautiful mountain surroundings can be there for generations to come.